3D Skin Analysis And Consultation

We recently introduced at our clinic the very NEW 3D Life Viz Mini Camera system to use during our consultation with our clients for all the specialised treatments we offer.

Life Viz Camera

What can this small tool do to help us as therapists and help our clients?

Well the 3D Life Viz Mini is the first portable, all-in-one 3D imaging system for skin analysis and simulation. It is a cost-effective technology that makes it easy for therapists to take pictures in 3D of the clients for the documentation in our clinic. And it constitutes a basis for discussions with the client during a consultation after taking the entire medical & lifestyle/diet history.

With the accompanying easy-to-use software we can not only show before and after 3D images and simulate the results of a proposed treatment, but also analyse specific areas with exact measurements and provide the clients with a personalized skin care report..

Life Viz Mini has a unique technology and software and it takes 3D high quality images which are not mere 3D representations but true three dimensional reconstructions highlighting the relief and contours as if the clients were standing in front of us.

When connected to the computer, we can immediately use the visualization, comparison, analysis and/or simulation Tools in 3D: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=eDbYYbZrlc4



Areas of use:

– Standardize your before/after images in 3D

– Create a structured image library

– Simulate results of proposed treatments

– Compare results before/after side by side

– Make skin analysis and provide patients with a personalised report.

So we can show you exactly where your skin’s problems are, whether they may lines, wrinkles, open pores, pigmentation, surface or deep redness, oiliness of the skin, as well as we can show  a 3D module of each problem area. Then the software can produce a report for each client containing the photos taken from a front view, left and right view with the specific areas needing treatments. In addition to that, the system will assess all these conditions and give a resume of the recommended skin treatments that suit your skin’s needs.

The clients will be given a copy of the whole report to take home and study it at their own time. They will be able to discuss the images and the recommended treatments with their loved ones or they can do their own research to finally make a decision which is right for them.

3d-lifeviz2 - Copy

In clinic, we can use these reports to compare the results after each session of treatments by taking again photos:

  • To demonstrate the results of any specialised treatment that the clients had at our clinic.
  • To convince, reassure and increase procedures
  • To improve communication and satisfaction
  • To store them and to finally make a final assessment and judgment as to how the treatments had worked and the results obtained.



The Beauty Therapy Room is therefore happy to offer to ALL our clients who wish to have their skin analysed in the minute details, a FREE 3D Consultation (RRP £40) when you buy any courses of 6 – 10 sessions of DMK Skin Revision Treatments, or Medik8 Peels, or Medik8 Skin Needling or Dermapen.

To book your first 3D Imaging Consultation with our specialised aesthetician, please call us on 020 7242 7745 or via our website’s – fill in the contact form and send it to us and we will reply to you soon.

This offer expires on 31st December 2015, and our general terms and conditions apply to this offer –you can find them in the Treatments Page.