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D. Bhangal, London, UK I’ve enjoyed a course of DMK facial treatments at the Beauty Therapy Room administered by Marlene and Anita, with noteworthy improvement in my skin tone and appearance. My skin texture is firmer and my complexion is more even and clearer. The Beauty Therapy Room actually treats the skin on your face, neck and upper chest unlike many other salons. This treatment is great and professionally administered. I’d happily recommend it as something that achieves measurable improvement that is tailored to your specific skin needs.
D. Bhangal, London, UK Excellent electrolysis results! I’ve had laser, IPL and electrolysis treatments from other salons over the years and I can say that Marlene at the Beauty Therapy Room has given me the best electrolysis results for facial hair removal that I’ve ever experienced. She explains everything clearly and is very good at treating you so as to minimise any look of patchiness as you go through your treatment process. I would recommend trying the Beauty Therapy Room without hesitation.
C.T, London UK I have had electrolysis on my face for several years but have found Marlene Rose to be one of the most skilled and fast-working electrologists in London. She works with precision and care, delivering fast results with little pain and no marking or scarring, which I have been unfortunate to experience in the past. Marlene is fastidious about skin preparation and after-care which means you really are in good hands. Combining all of this with a caring, calming personality, a central London location and flexibility on finding appointments, even at the last minute, I cannot recommend Marlene enough.
A. Challen, London UK “I started coming to Marlene in September 2008, for electrolysis on my ‘sideburns’ – I have a low hairline and it looked odd whenever I put my hair up. I had looked into a few different options for hair removal and electrolysis seemed to have the best claim to produce permanent results. I went to Marlene initially because she had a package for first-timers and it was explicit that the approach would deal with any issues around pain and provide really clear instructions and materials for aftercare, and she was really helpful with this. After having sessions about once a month for a year, the frequency then decreased to about once every 2 months for another 2 years, after which I just occasionally dropped in if the hair seemed to be growing back. After a few years the hair just stopped growing back, and I no longer needed to do anything about it, it was just gone! So although it takes a while, and it requires regular (though infrequent) sessions, I think electrolysis is a really good solution. It is also not particularly painful, at least when Marlene was doing it. So I’m very grateful to Marlene for doing such a great job, and always being so considerate of how I felt about it, and would definitely recommend electrolysis with her to anyone else.”
L. Woollard, London UK “As someone who is transitioning, I couldn’t hope to find a better service for electrolysis than what Marlene provides.
She is not only a very friendly, accepting person, but is also very professional, and takes the time to inform clients of every necessary detail involved in her services. She even provided me with assistance with matters regarding my GP, which I think is a fantastic thing.
After several sessions of electrolysis, I couldn’t be happier with the treatment or results received and will definitely continue to use Marlene’s services in the future.”
M. Lee, London UK
Marlene undertook to remove a wart from my hand, which she did with great sensitivity, expertise and complete success in one short session. I have no hesitation in recommending her services wholeheartedly.
O & R Temple, London UK
My husband and I have both been to Marlene’s Beauty Therapy Room for various little facial blemishes to be treated. She instantly knows, after looking through her huge magnifying glass, exactly what the problem is and how to deal with it. She is very careful about recommending treatment if she has any doubt whatsoever of the identity of the blemish and if it needs to be seen by a specialist before she will start work. She has also treated a wart on a joint of my finger and will do another session if it needs it. Her electrolysis treatment is very efficient and she always warns you that there is going to be a slight pain or discomfort, in fact more of a sting.  I feel very confident when I visit the Therapy Rooms that I am in good and safe hands and I look forward to trying some of the beauty treatments in future. Having had warts frozen off in the past only to find that they come back I can highly recommend this treatment for warts. I have also been pleased with the creams and gels that I have bought from the Beauty Therapy Room and the ingredients are all very safe. Also to be recommended is the Sun Block that I obtained there. Marlene herself has beautiful unblemished skin and she is an advocate of keeping out of the sun.
Jocelyn Burton, London, UK I look forward to my visits to the Beauty Therapy Room, great skill and a wonderfully personal service. I always leave feeling pampered and renewed!
C.I, London, UK I really appreciate the way Marlene works. She is very professional and discreet whilst making sure that you are comfortable and happy at all times.  The treatment I have had has been very effective and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone needing to go through the same process.
Yasmina Decaestecker, Account Manager, Globe Aesthetic and Medical Technologies (AMT) Ltd “Marlene has been an absolute pleasure to work with and her passion for beauty therapy shines through. She has in depth knowledge and experience of all aspects of beauty and does not cut any corners when performing treatments. Marlene has a professional approach to both her suppliers and customers and I would certainly recommend having treatments at her practice.”

Neil Roberts, Director, Globe Aesthetic and Medical Technologies (AMT) Ltd.

“As a supplier to the Beauty Therapy Room we have been extremely impressed with Marlene Rose’ personal interest and adoption of technology for her practice. She seeks out the latest innovations and invests significantly in equipment and devices that enhance the client experience, and genuinely add value to the comprehensive range of treatments offered.

Her recent purchase of 3D imaging and skin analysis allows the Beauty Therapy Room to consult and recommend based on latest technology, ensuring optimal results for her clients. On top of that we found Marlene a pleasure to work with and have no hesitation in recommending her practice and services to prospective new clients.”

Alix Fitzgerald, London, UK “Transition is always a fraught time for many reasons. It is always great to remove some of the worries by finding such an accepting atmosphere and professional service such as Marlene Rose provides.”
J.H, London, UK “Marlene is extremely professional and gives you top treatment with reasonable prices – and the benefit of going to the Beauty Therapy Room is you always know that she will personally do your treatments.  I started going 2 years ago and have always found Marlene excellent.  She does a great eye-brow shape and, trust me, I’ve tried a few other people before I hit Marlene.  Can’t recommend her strongly enough.”


Bedfordshire, UK

“Having a Hollywood bikini wax can be excruciatingly painful and embarrassing at some salons, but this is absolutely not the case at The Beauty Therapy Room, Holborn, London. Marlene is a professional therapist, a waxing expert and makes you feel relaxed immediately. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for waxing. Marlene also managed to cure a small wart on my finger, with electrolysis, after all the creams I’d bought failed to work. I’d highly recommend her.”
O.N, London, UK “I came to Marlene for Electrolysis on my facial hairs and the numerous Dermatitis Papulosa Nigra spots over my body. Admittedly, I was a bit worried, because black skin is very sensitive and needs special care so I expected only passable results. However, Marlene has done an amazing job and I am delighted with the outcome and how clear my skin looks now!”
A. Menezes London, UK” I frequently visit The Beauty Therapy Room and I always leave with a smile on my face.  Marlene always provides a great service, with extremely high levels of professionalism at an affordable price.  Their waxing services are of the highest quality and virtually pain free (as much as possible!) I am always satisfied with the service provided.”


London, UK

“The only place I’ve found the Australian non-contact waxing system where the beautician doesn’t dip a spatula into dirty wax!  It’s much more hygienic.  Marlene is very knowledgeable and professional.”

I. Davis

Brighton, UK

This is just a short note to say thank you for your care and attention during my visits to the therapy room. As you know I don’t always manage to get there as regularly as I’d like but I would like to say that your attention and care to detail is worth waiting for.  You always make me welcome and are always professional in your approach. I’ve had numerous treatments, but mostly waxing and as a man it’s great to know my therapist is relaxed and professional.  For any guys out there who are wondering where to go for a wax…I would happily recommend.  Plus the selection of other treatments means the salon is great! Thanks again Marlene, I wish you well with the business.”
F.G. London, UK “I used to go to really expensive salons in the West End for my beauty treatments.  Then one day I came across Marlene’s salon and I haven’t looked back since.  I go in once every 4 weeks for my head to toe hair removal regime and it’s inexpensive yet really professionally done.  I’d recommend Marlene to anyone.”


London UK

“Marlene’s unfailingly friendly and professional service is second to none, I always feel relaxed and welcomed – I also find that the friendly text reminding me of my appointment very helpful and ensures that I never forget to turn up on time!”
K. Hegarty, London, UK “The Beauty Therapy Room is very professional and Marlene’s standards are identical to that of any other upmarket high street salon. Marlene has expert knowledge, allowing her to talk through all the treatments and the effects of them. I always feel thoroughly relaxed and comfortable in The Beauty Therapy Room and I am always impressed and pleased with the results of my treatments. I will continue to recommend The Beauty Therapy Room to all of my friends and will definitely be going back again.”
M.C., London, UK The massage was really relaxing and the holistic therapist hits all the right spots. She gave me the best massage I’ve had in a long time! She really knows the body and what she is doing. I’ll definitely be coming back very soon.
Reena Patel, London, UK “Marlene always does her best to fit me in for treatments at short notice and consistently does the best leg wax in London”.
Yasmin Qureshi, London, UK “Massage is one of the best pleasures of life. And the massage with the holistic therapist is always pure bliss!”
Elizabeth Parrott, London, UK “As I travel on business nearly every other week, keeping up with waxing is tough – Marlene always goes out of her way to accommodate my busy schedule, though. Best no-nonsense wax in London!!
James Borden, MJOG, Cambridge, UK “I have known Marlene for several years now and since we have installed the MJOG appointment software in her beauty salon, the clients have been very impressed with the reminder system as it allowed them to keep their appointments and never miss one. Also her ever increasing knowledge of IT means that I hear from her less and less. I wish more beauty therapists take her lead to improve the IT in their salon. “
Rosemary Clifford, London, UK “Marlene has so many special qualities and her professionalism is second to none. She has a very friendly and caring manner and always has a very professional approach. She is very hard working and her dedication and commitment to her clients is certainly 100%. She is always willing to be flexible with appointments and helpful in any way she can”.
S.B., London, UK “I cannot recommend Marlene enough. She is a very experienced and professional beauty therapist with a wide range of skills and treatments. She offers a friendly service and provides a calming experience in the middle of a mad town! Her advice is invaluable and her treatments top-class.”
Abigail Gretton, London, UK “Marlene provides a consistent and professional service, with great results. Long after I moved offices away from the Strand, I continue to make the commute to see her – the experience is always a pleasure.”
K.L., London, UK “I came to the conclusion, having tried and given up on laser treatments, that electrolysis is currently the only effective treatment for removing facial hair. Electrolysis is not the most pleasant treatment and it is important to have it done by someone in whom you have confidence. Having tried various therapists before seeing Marlene without being entirely satisfied, I can say that Marlene is an excellent Electrologist, calm, experienced, patient and quick. She is also good company and prepared to be flexible in arranging appointment times, even at short notice.”
Kim Dyer, London, UK “I have been a client of Marlene’s for a couple of years and have 100% confidence in her treatments – I don’t even check my eyebrows in a mirror after she’s done them! Marlene is friendly, efficient and her nice personal touch means you don’t have to explain what you’d like done at every visit.
Shireena Khan, London, UK “Marlene is a very highly skilled at her profession. She is very accessible and always makes time when you need her. She is the only person I trust to do a good job. She is pleasant and friendly and makes all the pain bearable, even if you are giving her a hard time. The products that Marlene uses whilst waxing are very unique and the best that I have ever had used on me. They contain tea tree and are therefore more hygienic.”
Anna Cotton, London, UK “Marlene is a fantastic therapist who always knows exactly which Danné treatment will be just right for my skin. It looks so fresh afterwards and the effects last ages, particularly as the products maintain the good work so well. Marlene is also very good at recommending how I should use my combination of products or try new ones to keep my skin looking good. It has taken me years to find products as compatible with my skin as the Danné range and it has never looked so good.”
Alexandra Cotton, Cambridge, UK “Marlene Rose has been caring for my skin’s needs for the past twelve years. She has proved to be an excellent beauty therapist both in terms of the highly effective products she provides me with, and the various treatments she has to offer. She is also a kind and sensitive person. I consider it very worth my while to travel from Cambridge to London for facial treatments.”
Ian Davis, Therapist & Client, London, UK “I have known Marlene both as a fellow colleague in the beauty/therapy business and as my personal therapist, for over 5 years. In all that time she conducts herself with utmost professionalism and care, always with her clients’ treatment and welfare in her heart. She is extremely hard working and is knowledgeable and helpful. I would just say that Marlene is a true professional and dedicated therapist and would always come back to her for my treatments.”
Kate Harris, Fellow Therapist, London, UK “I have enjoyed many superior and cutting edge treatments at The Beauty Therapy Room. The Danné Montague King skin treatment range is second to none and I greatly benefited from these products with the removal of copious fine blond facial hairs for which I believe there is currently no other treatment possible. The anti-aging and rejuvenating properties of these products are also fantastic! “
Dr Danné Montague-King, Pioneer of Danné, L.A, USA” “I have known Marlene Rose for many years, since I met her whilst teaching at a beauty College in Northern England in the early 90’s. I find her to be an intrepid purveyor of the aesthetics arts. Marlene is a woman who is always seeking knowledge in an effort to represent the very highest level of technical service to her clients. She is also not afraid to be a champion of what are “right” and an equally outspoken enemy of that which is bogus, commercial and phony in the aesthetics field.”
Lubna Azhar, London, UK “Marlene is wonderful – friendly, efficient and mostly painless! I feel safe in her hands and have seen great results.”
Lady D. Kemp-Welch, London, UK “Marlene is a skilled practitioner, with a warm and caring personality, and she always puts herself out to accommodate an appointment.”