DMK Fundamental Treatment


Fundamental Range


Treatments Timing Price
Consultation – Mandatory 45-60 min £40
Age Management Treatment 75 min £125
Pigment Control Treatment 75 min £135
Acne Control Treatment 75 min £145
DMK Fundamental Treatment includes one treatment in the clinic plus the needed DMK Home Care Prescriptives for one month usage which are given to the client at the end of the clinic treatment to maintain the results of this special treatment.
Consultation is MANDATORY with any of the DMK Treatments Protocols. This treatment is considered as an introduction to the DMK Skin Revision and to what it can be achieved with these treatments.

DMK Fundamentals Treatments are the very essential part of treatments offered by DMK Therapists & Aestheticians. They constitute the basic introductory treatments to the DMK Skin Revision Routines and they offer the clients/patients to try these fabulous and effective treatments and to experience the superb results achieved from just a simple DMK treatment.

Dr Danné Montague-King has created a masterpiece for his international aestheticians & therapists around the globe, who want to offer their clients the DMK experience at a more accessible level. Each DMK Fundamentals treatment comes well equipped with enough products for one in-clinic treatment and includes the required one month’s supply of DMK Home Prescriptives for the clients to take home with them & use them to maintain the results of their skin transformation.

DMK Fundamentals can treat three skin conditions: Acne, Hyperpigmentation & Age Management. DMK Fundamentals are not intended to replace the existing DMK Advanced Skin Revision treatments but they are aimed at making DMK treatments more accessible to the clients who want to see superb results at the end of the clinic session. With this in mind, the clients may want to go one or more steps forward to treat their skin and get rid of their skin problems whether it may be Anti-ageing, Acne, Rosacea, Milia or Pigmentation, Scarring, Stretch Marks & many more.

As in every DMK treatments, aestheticians & therapists follow the strict DMK protocol or concept to achieve the highest results for their clients. The DMK protocol or concept consists of the four important steps during the in-clinic procedures as well as at home for maintenance:

  1. REMOVE. Every DMK treatment begins with a deep cleanse to rid pores of cellular debris and dirt. Exfoliating thermal gel increases oxygenation to the tissues. A Vitamin C serum kick-starts collagen production.
  2. REBUILD. Our unique Enzyme therapy encourages hydrolysis of the dead skin cells and impurities of the living skin cells. This restores structural integrity and revitalises the skin cells.
  3. PROTECT. DMK practitioners prescribe specific products to revise problem skin, as well as to maintain a lasting healthy balance.
  4. MAINTAIN. To achieve the best results, follow the Home Prescriptives regime.

The DMK Fundamentals Treatments come in a form of a kit which include enough products for ONE professional treatment in the clinic and a 30 days’ supply of home care products for the client to use at home on a daily basis for 30 days following the treatment. These kits are structured to deal with three main skin conditions:

  1. ACNE CONTROL – this treatment helps to balance oil production and kill Acne bacteria. The products penetrate deep into the pores to dry up existing acne, while preventing further breakouts. Follow up with the Home Prescriptives regime for this skin condition helps to control the bacteria & eradicate any further breakout at home.
  2. AGE MANAGEMENT – this treatment reduces the appearance of minor pigmentations and treats fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage. Also reduces the appearance of age-related factors. The Home Prescriptives regime stimulates collagen production and regulates cellular turnover.
  3. PIGMENTATION BALANCING – this treatment addresses passive and inflammatory pigmentation. Used in conjunction with each other, this selection of innovative products rapidly reduces inflammation and suppresses melanin production over time.

Danne June 2015

For over 40 years Dr Danné Montague-King has instilled in his aestheticians & therapists the DMK Concept and they always live by it and use it as their daily motto of Remove, Rebuild, Protect & Maintain which is the best concept of treatments in clinic and at home to achieve the perfect results for our clients.

For more information on these treatments or to book a consultation & treatment with our DMK aesthetician & specialist therapist, you can use the “Book an appointment” Form present on the top of the page or you can call us on 020 7242 7745 and we will help you every step to achieve the best skin you ever dreamed of having.

To view a video of a DMK Fundamentals treatment performed on a client, you can go onto our Gallery/Video page to click on the link

Pigmentation Before & After ImagesEnzyme Treatments - before & after

Acne Before & After Image from DMK 3

To understand what the DMK Fundamental Treatment comprises of, you need to watch this small video about the DMK protocol which therapists have to follow when treating their client’s skin condition.