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Philosophy of Jessica – Women Want Beautiful Nails

Intelligent, informed women want more. They are selective in their use of nail care products. They want to be confident that they are getting the proper treatment for their individual nail condition. They are savvy – sometimes from experience – about the healthful or damaging effects of different products and methods.

Your journey into JESSICA is about to begin. Every part of the Jessica Nail Cultivation System® is about promoting the well-being of the natural nail …and your business. The System is a synthesis of technique, philosophy and products. The cornerstone of the JESSICA System is the ability to analyse and recognize each nail type and treat each nail with specially formulated treatments. Any man or woman can achieve healthy nails with proper care and maintenance.

No nail service is complete without offering our client a kaleidoscope of colour in a wide variety of dazzling shades, textures and finishes.

Nail Types/Conditions Treatment needed to use
Dry nails – lack of moisture, may have pronounced ridges,white spots & powdery finish RejuvenationREJ
Brittle nails – very hard, inflexible, may curve, tend to shatter & break high on the nail RecoveryREC
Damaged/Post Acrylic nails – thin, weak, cracked, lack of luster, no new growth RestorationRES
Normal nails – pink, smooth, strong & flexible RewarREWd
Peeling nails – weak, breaks a lot FusionFUS
Weak nails – soft, break easily, lifeless Critical CareICU
Break Easily nails – thin, fragile, prone to splitting or breaking Life JacLIFket
Ridges on nails – unsmooth & unsightly surface FlawlessFLA


Jessica Hand & Feet Treatments

Treatments Products
Zenspa Pedicure Hands & Feet Products 2Zenspa_group
Hand & Cuticle Care NOUPHE
LeRemedi Treatments – Hands & Feet Le Remedi Gift Set. 1-jpgLe Remedi Liposomes
Jessica Nail Colours – Multiple Choice in 2 sizes Jessica social lights coloursJessica Nail Colour April 2011
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