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Danne June 2015

Dr Danné Montague-King

Danné has always been a pioneer in his industry. Danné has seen the depths of depression associated with poorly functioning skin. In fact his everlasting passion was born from his dissatisfaction with his own acne (scientifically known as acneic) as a teen. Many times he has shared the story of how his parents would take him to lavish events where he would find a dark corner to hide away in, ashamed of this blemished skin. Not understanding the condition completely, and after failed attempts from top US dermatologists to cure his acne, Danné took things into his own hands and desperate for a cure, became his own guinea pig. A string of breakthroughs, trials and tribulations, and many travels would follow, until he found his first true breakthrough in the 60’s involving vitamin C therapy.

That’s all it took to spark what would be decades of developing successful treatments and products that would combine to form the iconic brand that is DMK – sold throughout 30 countries. For 50 years Danné has lived by his motto: rebuilding skin, rebuilding lives. Dedicated to his craft, his practising therapists, and his clients, Danné is the founder of the DMK family and is responsible for rebuilding skin, and rebuilding lives all over the world.Danne_Header690x3301

On the 17th June 2010, Dr Danné Montague-King visited the UK to promote his new Make Up products – DMK Cosmetics. It is a superb and unique range of Foundation & Corrector Collection to work effectively with Danné Advanced Treatments and any Cosmetic Surgery or procedures.

Dr Danné Montague-King, founder of DMK, joined forces with the renowned cosmetics formulator and make-up artist Tommy Parsons to develop a new make-up range. Combining their passion, expertise and shared vision to never compromise on quality, DMK achieved that goal successfully by extending their unique, holistic skin concept into make-up. The benefits of their hard work, research and innovation are now everyone’s to enjoy. For more information, on this NEW Danné Make Up, you can browse his UK website by clicking on this link: DMK COSMETICS UK

Dr Danné Montague-King hosted a day event for all his Danné Therapists at The Royal Ascot, where everyone enjoyed the races in the afternoon. And later in the evening Dr King gave a talk about his new range DMK Cosmetics with few awards to the accomplished Danné Therapists in the UK. Marlene Rose is proud to be a Danné Therapist and a friend of Dr Danné Montague-King. And during his last visit to London in February 2014, Dr King gave a series of lectures at colleges & schools around the country to talk to the young generation about ACNE skin conditions and what we can do and help them to eradicate this debilitating conditions without the need to take antibiotics or the dreaded Roaccutane which have very bad after effects on the body and mind of patients. In this photo you can see Dr King surrounded by 3 young persons who have gone through the DMK Skin Revision Programme for ACNE and the results of the beautiful and restored skin.

In the last few years, Dr King has been working on the remodelling of the ACNE range of products to bring them up to the EU regulations. By doing so, Dr King has given all DMK therapists around the world a big boost of knowledge, confidence and competence in treating the most severe cases of Acne and to deliver the best results for our acne clients who have been suffering for years to get a healthier and good looking skin without the need to hide their faces and be reclusive. And that is why DMK Therapists all over the globe love to work with DMK products and to do the magnificent treatments and see our clients flourish and feel confident in them to conquer the world.




MEDIK8 Treatments & Products

In 2012, Marlene decided to increase the Cosmeceutical range of products held at The Beauty Therapy Room. And after much deliberations and thoughts about which products to have alongside our range of advanced cosmeceutical range of DMK, Marlene had chosen MEDIK8.

Why choose Medik8?

Well Medik8 is foremost researched by biochemists, formulated by pharmacologist, produced in Hertfordshire England, and dispensed by experts skincare specialists.

The Medik8 Philosophy is:Medik8 Peels

  • Solution specific products
  • Proven results
  • Professional strength
  • Highly stable formula with well-documented and original research
  • Core anti-ageing philosophy for every woman
  • Skin “safe” ingredients minimising irritation
  • Lab quality… “hand-engineered in small batches”
  • Green chemistry & Eco-friendly packaging

The Medik8 Treatments are versatile to suit every person’s skin needs:

Medispa: Clinical grade Spa treatments

Each of the Medik8 treatments provides an intensive rejuvenating, restorative and relaxing experience for the entire face, neck and body. Based on high-tech ingredients, Medik8 treatments are simple yet effective, leaving the clients with a beautiful radiant complexion and complete satisfaction.

Medik8 Peels: An easy system of treatments that help the professional Aesthetician to prescribe the most suitable peels needed according to your skin’s concerns and your lifestyle!

A peel is a clinical treatment that can lead to visibly improved skin appearance. Peels are often categorised by their depth: superficial, medium and deep. The deeper the peel, the more dramatic skin improvement can be achieved.

Medik8 peels system targets: Dull complexion, Uneven skin tone, Skin ageing, Pigmentation marks, Acne/Blemishes, Sensitive Skin, Rosacea.

To find about Medik8 products and more information on the Medik8 Protocol, you can browse their website:


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