Rejuvalight LED Light Therapy

light therapy


Treatment Duration Price
Consultation – Mandatory 30 min  £30
Light Therapy – on the face or body – per session 30 min  £30
Light Therapy – on the hands or feet – per session  30 min  £30
Light Therapy – Course of 6 sessions – for any area  £150
Light Therapy – per session – when incorporated with other Specialised Treatments  30 min £20



RejuvaLight™ Diode Light Therapy (DLT) is an anti-ageing, rejuvenating and healing treatment which harnesses the naturally positive effects of both red and blue light to replenish and repair skin cells.


The unit consists of hundreds of many tiny individual red and blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) within a compact delivery system that are shone directly onto the face or body to tone and plump the skin, kill bacteria and promote cellular renewal. The Rejuvalight is conveniently mounted on a mobile stand to enable treatment whilst lying down or in a reclined seated position. The red and blue lights have different beneficial effects on the skin and being non-invasive and painless, thanks to no direct contact with the skin, it offers a relaxing and pleasant treatment experience for all skin types.

Rejuvalight red or blue healing wavelengths can be received separately or uniquely combined for optimal effect, making it effective for many skin conditions. This biological response is achieved without any thermal change to the tissue. It therefore provides a natural method of skin rejuvenation. It also promotes wound healing and accelerates the body’s own ability to repair its tissues.

Red Light & Skin Rejuvenation

The red light wavelengths (630 nm) produced by RejuvaLight stimulate the skin’s natural process to counteract the effects of aging. The deeply penetrating red light improves cellular energy and micro-vascular circulation, encouraging collagen and elastin production to improve elasticity and diminished fine lines and wrinkles thereby generally improving skin tone and texture. After a course of treatments the skin looks noticeably smoother and healthier. By specifically targeting the cellular mechanisms responsible for tissue repair and regeneration, Rejuvalight red light wavelengths provide a safe, natural and painless method of skin rejuvenation, leveraging the body’s biological response to light energy. Rejuvalight red light therapy has many benefits including:

  • Accelerated wound healing
  • Smoothing of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Reduces acne scarring and heals blemishes
  • Helps sun damaged skin
  • Improves irregular pigmentation
  • General improvement in skin tone & texture
  • Valuable as a combination therapy with laser and IPL treatments in addition to stand alone facial rejuvenation treatment


Blue Light & Acne Therapy

Blue light kills the acne-causing bacteria known as Propioni­bacterium acnes, (P. acnes), which can cause inflammation. P. acnes is sensitive to blue light. Using the blue light eliminates the bacteria found in the oil glands in the skin.

Eliminating the bacteria from the skin with help from blue light decreases the inflammation associated with red pimples (papules) seen in acne. After a number of treatments, the blemishes disappear and skin regains its normal appearance. Many people suppose that if they just kill acne bacteria, all their acne problems are over. The fact is, bacterial infection is just part of the problem of acne. Skin pores sit on top of oil-producing sebaceous glands. The sebum produced by these glands keeps the skin flexible, and also helps transport dead skin cells from the bottom and the lining of the pore up to the surface of the skin where they can be rinsed away.

Sometimes dead skin cells clump together and clog the pore. Or inflammation of the skin triggers production of excessive amounts of skin oil. When this happens, acne bacteria can be locked inside. The bacteria attempt to “break out” so they can move on to another pore first by consuming excess sebum. They break down skin oils into essential fatty acids that are beneficial to them but harmful to the bacteria. This can keep them in check. But if the problem is the pore is clogged with dead skin, then the bacteria have another way out.

Bacteria release chemicals sensitizing surrounding skin cells to inflammatory chemicals released by the human immune system. The immune system releases histamine and interleukin-8 to attack the bacteria, but winds up attacking the skin. A pimple pops up and provides the bacteria an escape route. Many bacteria are killed by the immune system, but many survive to colonize another pore. Killing bacteria stops them from making skin sensitive to inflammation. But just killing bacteria does nothing to stop production of excess skin oil or to repair the skin. Killing bacteria is always just part of acne skin care. It’s also necessary to follow a home skin care routine to keep the skin in balance.

Acne bacteria are killed by visible blue light, that is, light you can see, not UV light, of wavelengths between 407 and 420 nanometres. The bacteria have pigments in their protective cell membranes that resonate at those frequencies. These pigments break down the membrane, eventually killing the bacterium. The best way to use light to treat acne is to use a combination of blue light and red light, but making sure the light is not so intense that the skin burns. It is even better to treat the skin with intense pulsed light, short bursts of multi-coloured light that can heat and shrink the sebum-producing pores.

Blue light therapy can kill acne bacteria in your pores, and red light therapy can shrink sebaceous glands beneath your pores, but you can’t achieve lastingly blemish-free skin without clinical treatment which can be programmed for each individual by experienced aestheticians & essential home care routine to cleansing, moisture, and exfoliation.

It is essential to use the right cleansers in the right way to keep oil from accumulating on your skin. Harsh detergent cleansers, however, can actually increase the production of oil in your skin. It is essential to keep skin moist to keep it flexible so pores stay open. Even oily skin can dry out, especially around the eyes. You will also maintain a healthier skin colour if you keep your skin moist. Oil and bacteria are not the only things that can block your pores. Flakes of dead skin can tighten your skin and keep pores from emptying, too. Exfoliation can help keep your skin loose and free of fine lines and wrinkles as well as blemishes, but you have to use the right product for your skin, at the right concentration and at the right pH.

Benefits of Blue Light Acne Treatment

  • effective for 86% of cases of inflammatory acne
  • 100% natural and non-invasive
  • drug-free with no adverse side effects short or long term
  • Reduces acne scarring and heals blemishes
  • safe for all ages and safe for daily use
  • painless & down-time free
  • Improves irregular pigmentation
  • Treatment that won’t stop working over time
  • effective to the point that it may work on even antibiotic resistant strains of acne causing bacteria
  • Valuable as a combination therapy with Microdermabrasion, Medik8 Facial, DMK Skin Revision, in addition to stand alone cleansing & facial rejuvenation treatment

Blue Light Case Study:

Young lady with active acne before treatment. The photos show the results after six 20 minutes sessions on each side using blue light, and a further six 20 minute sessions using a red/blue light combination.

The young lady visited her salon as her acne was not getting any better with medication. “It was awful, she said: “The acne was all over my face and it made me feel so self-conscious. Nothing seemed to help. I was in the process of being prescribed Roaccutane when I was recommended a course of Rejuvalight treatment and the results were just incredible. I couldn’t believe it! After just 4 visits, she could see the difference. “It was just magic. All of a sudden my skin began to heal. The changes were subtle at first, but gradually my skin began to restore itself to its former health.” The young lady came back for a further five visits until her acne had completely cleared and the scarring she had endured had improved significantly.

“Now, not only does my skin look clear, but it has a beautifully smooth texture and feels plump and radiant. I would recommend treatment to anyone who feels their skin could do with an overhaul.”


LED Before & After 1

LED Before & After