A. Challen, London UK

"I started coming to Marlene in September 2008, for electrolysis on my 'sideburns' - I have a low hairline and it looked odd whenever I put my hair up. I had looked into a few different options for hair removal and electrolysis seemed to have the best claim to produce permanent results. I went to Marlene initially because she had a package for first-timers and it was explicit that the approach would deal with any issues around pain and provide really clear instructions and materials for aftercare, and she was really helpful with this. After having sessions about once a month for a year, the frequency then decreased to about once every 2 months for another 2 years, after which I just occasionally dropped in if the hair seemed to be growing back. After a few years the hair just stopped growing back, and I no longer needed to do anything about it, it was just gone! So although it takes a while, and it requires regular (though infrequent) sessions, I think electrolysis is a really good solution. It is also not particularly painful, at least when Marlene was doing it. So I'm very grateful to Marlene for doing such a great job, and always being so considerate of how I felt about it, and would definitely recommend electrolysis with her to anyone else." A. Challen, London UK

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