Medik8 Facials And Peels

Medik8 Facials Price List

 Treatment Duration Price per Session Courses of 6 Sessions
 Consultation 45 min £40 Mandatory to have a consultation prior to any advanced treatments.
Hydr8 Facial 60 min £95 £475
Beta Facial 60 min £95 £475
Red Alert Facial 60 min £95 £475
White Balance 60 min £95 £475
Anti-ageing Facial 60 min £95 £475

Note: Medik8 Facials – These facials can be taken every 2-4 weeks interval with the home care prescriptives to be used at home to maintain the skin’s condition & the results from the treatments in the clinic. Medik8 therapists will advise the clients on the necessary home care prescriptives during the consultation & will also help in learning how to use them to maximise the results for client’s skin.


Medik8 Peels Price List

Treatment Duration Price Frequency Downtime
Consultation 45-60 min £40
Superfacial Peel 45 min £130 Weekly No visible peeling
Age Peel 30 min £135 1-2 weeks No visible-mild peeling
White Peel 30 min £135 1-2 weeks No visible-mid peeling
Beta Peel 30 min £135 1-2 weeks No visible-mild peeling
Eye Peel 30 min £135 1-2 weeks No visible-mild peeling
Jessner Peel 60 min £150 2-3 weeks Moderate peeling & flaking



Medik8 Home Care Prescriptives are very important for the success of these advanced treatments. After the initial consultation and skin analysis, the specialist Medik8 therapist will advise the client on the best treatment suitable for the skin’s condition and will devise a programme plan including the treatments sessions, the priming kit (very essential & important) containing Medik8 products which prepare the skin to receive those superb advanced treatments without causing too much damage and speed up the healing process afterwards.

Therefore, here some examples of what the Priming Kit may include as each client’s skin is different in its condition and requirements before any clinical treatments:

  • Priming Kit – to be purchased and to be used 2 weeks before the start of any Medik8 Peels – Essential with the special cleanser & masks:
    • C/CE Tetra (Vitamin C, or C & E), Retinol 3TR (Vitamin A), Hydr8 B5 Serum, Hydr8 Day, Hydr8 Night, Sunscreen
  • Post Treatment Kit – this is to maintain the skin after each treatments and to be used at home:
    • Ageing Skin Kit: CE Tetra or C Thione, Retinol 3TR or 6TR, Firewall Serum, Eye Lift, Ultimate Recovery.
    • Hyperpigmentation Skin Kit: CE Tetra, Retinol 6TR, White Balance Serum, Ultimate Recovery
    • Acne Skin Kit: CE Tetra, Retinol 6TR or 10TR, Beta Gel, Blue AOX, Light Amplifier, Hydr8 Beta.