DMK Skin Revision Treatments

Treatment Duration Price
Consultation – Mandatory 30–40 minutes £40
Detox Enzyme Treatment 90 minutes £125
Prozyme Treatment 90 minutes £135
Hydradermaze Facial 110 minutes £145
Alkaline Enzyme Facial 110 minutes £150
6 Layers Pro Alpha Peel – Series of 14 days treatments £500
Evacuderm Facial – series of 4-7 days treatments £500
Skin Revision Treatment – Normal Skin Condition (Courses of 7 sessions) 90 minutes £135/£810
Skin Revision Treatment – Acne Skin Condition (Courses of 7 sessions) 90 minutes £135/£810
Skin Revision Treatment – Ageing Skin Condition (Courses of 7 sessions) 90 minutes £140/£840
Skin Revision Treatment – Milia Skin Condition (Courses of 7 sessions) 90 minutes £140/£840
Skin Revision Treatment – Pigmentation Skin Condition (Courses of 7 sessions) 90 minutes £140/£840
Skin Revision Treatment – Rosacea Skin Condition (Courses of 7 sessions) 90 minutes £140/£840
Important Notice: DMK protocols require a thorough consultation & skin analysis before any of DMK Skin Revision Treatments. In addition DMK After Care prescriptives are a must to maintain the treatments at home & better results. DMK Therapist will discuss with each client the recommended home prescriptives needed.

The Beauty Therapy Room is proud to offer our clients The DMK Facials and Danne Body Treatments as well as The Danné Alkaline Wash Treatments. For more information on each type of Danné Treatments, we ask our clients to read below about the Danné Concept before browsing each page of the different treatments that we have and the cost of treatments.

In addition if you want to listen to few videos made by DMK, where you can hear Dr Danne Montague-King speaking about the DMK treatments and how to improve your skin’s conditions, we have selected some of the best videos – please click on the links below -learn and enjoy.

List of videos to watch about DMK Treatments

  1. Dying for a Clear Skin – A true story about the effects of Acne on young people’s life
  2. DMK – Skin Revision Treatments
  3. Enzyme Therapy
  4. Deborah Hutton talking about DMK Treatments.
  5. Acne by Dr Danne Montague -King
  6. Fighting Acne: Drug-Free

The Danné Concept

Danné Montague-King claims that the origin of any skin condition is disharmony in the natural way the skin functions. Therefore the DMK concept is simply about restoring balance and enhancing optimal skin function. Regardless of your ethnic background, gender, age or skin condition, Danne Montague-King offers you an effective skin revision program.

With over 40 years of irrefutable results in 30 different countries around the world there is no denying the impact that Danné has had in the paramedical arena. DMK utilises the philosophy of Remove, Rebuild, Protect & Maintain. Constant education is the key to the success of our method, known as the DMK Method of Natural Pharmacology. As a scientific journalist and practitioner advocate, it has been Dr King’s duty and goal to keep as many professionals (and ultimately the general public) informed as much as possible about what works and what does not work in regard to skin treatment, skin care, plastic surgery and the so-called ‘Miracle Breakthrough Products’ flooding the common market daily.
Before a professional practitioner can assess whether or not a skin treatment product or range is workable and will achieve the results needed for the client, he or she must consider the following rule of thumb or ‘Concept’. Our research over the years has shown that if any products or treatment range do not fit the following four categories in tandem, or in the order presented, there is little chance of success in alleviating the patient’s skin disorders or revising their appearance from an aged look to a youthful look. The DMK Method, employed in all of our international clinics from St. Petersburg, Russia, to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is based on the following concept and is consistent and ethnically correct from country to country. We observe all of the biological differences from race to race and the various ecological and climate aspects of each region.

The DMK Concept of Skin Revision


We have never relied on the conventional popularity of so-called ‘peeling’ techniques. The human skin is not really like an onion as so often depicted in advertisements selling peels. Under microscopic view, human skin is actually a series of hill and valleys, old cells, new cells always changing and always inter-connected. Thus skin cannot be peeled or removed by “layer,” revealing new skin underneath. Skin, as most professionals know, is in sections – the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous section, each having many complicated mechanisms but each section synergistically connected to the next.ACU Range

When we remove the excessive cuticle build-up known as dry or wrinkled skin, we must also remove gases, impurities and other effluvia from the newer cells in the epidermis that would shorten their life span. In addition, this type of removal helps to regulate the secretive glands, the immune system of the skin (Langerhans cells) and melanogenesis (colour and tone of skin).

We accomplish this through a process we call hydrolysation – or turning dead keratin or dead protein into a weak acid and flushing it out of the tissues. This removal system, using a sophisticated and exclusive group of enzymes and co-enzymes is the first step to any full skin revision results. It is nearly infallible with results observed from the very first treatment – yet there are no known contraindications and no age limits as to clients who are candidates.
The DMK enzyme removal system also progressively tightens loose skin, helps build sagging muscle on the face and body and opens the door to further collagen enhancing treatments in the ‘Rebuild’ category of the concept. Other removal systems in the concept may include, ‘playing the piano on the pH scale.’ In other words, we have formulas that can dramatically lower the pH of the skin so cell material is removed either hygroscopically with our unique approach to Alpha Hydroxy Acids, or through hardening of the superficial corneum at such a rate it becomes brittle and detaches from the underlying newer cells of the skin.
Or we can jump to the other end of the pH scale – the alkaline side with a compound that desquamates or softens all hair on the skin, pustules, folliculitis, congested follicle and hyper pigmentation – all in four minutes flat. The DANNÉ Therapist can also employ the use of Microdermabrasion machine, to aid the removal of scar tissue or stretch marks in conjunction with the DANNÉ revision treatments.


If removal is like ‘cleaning the house,’ then rebuilding is like ‘repairing the house.’ Most signs of aging or disorders start in the underlying tissues – however the surface dead cell structure may appear to be aged, lightly wrinkled, dry skin. This dead excess corneum is actually not dry skin at all. In fact dry skin is a misnomer, it is actually just dead skin and once hydrolysed away, the newer, still alive cells can then be kept alive a bit longer – this would be referred to as ‘anti-aging’. In order to keep these cells alive, we must provide them with the chemistry they recognise and need as food, i.e.; products containing amino acids, other proteins as building blocks and certain vitamins. In order to maintain moisture balance, secretions from the sebaceous glands and the sudoriferous glands (oil and water) need to be imitated. This would take two products – highly fractionated, antioxidant oil and a polarised water containing herbs and minerals that mock the sudoriferous secretion. This is the only way to truly moisturise the skin.Fibromax C & Vit C Delivery
Then a transdermal crème must be applied over this moist, acid mantle created by the two above-mentioned products. The crème would be a protein, amino acid and vitamin crème, which would deliver the nutrients to the skin systematically all day long. This in turn would feed other cell structures that are important to the re-building process. Namely, the collagen fibres. Collagen fibres look a bit like little wires or cables that branch freely throughout the connective tissues, keeping the skin firm and tight. When these fibres break and fray, they sag and the skin also sags. Injured areas may heal very slowly due to this depletion of collagen.
However, there are hardworking amino acids that actually make baby collagen inside the fibroblast cells – rather like workers at a factory. The boss of this factory and of the amino acid workers is vitamin C. It is clear that the role of vitamin C is two-fold; as both a free radical scavenger and as a precursor to new collagen production in aging skin. There are many controversies about vitamin C and which is the best and which is the most powerful – or stabilised. The word stabilised is often used wrong in advertising. Stabilised ingredients do not necessarily always mean the ingredient is better than an unstable ingredient. It means that it will not de-nature as quickly as a product as an unstable ingredient, which can be far more powerful and effective. I have had to wrestle with a great many highly effective ingredients in my time – trying to keep them in-solution in a product or active for any length of time. But thirty years ago, when we first started to work with vitamin C after observing its important role in the body from reading Grey’s Anatomy 35th British Edition, and the works of Linus Pauling, we never thought to make a big marketing scheme just based on vitamin C products, which is currently the popular misleading trend.

We use other vitamins as well; each coordinated to its specific role in the skin – such as vitamin E as the first line of free radical defence, vitamin A as a lock and key cell growth enhancer, etc.


Once the skin is rebuilt back to its normal status quo, it is vital to protect the result indefinitely. Protection from the sun is vital. Solar radiation is responsible for 90 per cent of all aging and is also a free radical. There is no compromise. Newly revised skin will quickly revert back to aging or troubled skin if exposed to the sun excessively (beyond 10 a.m. and before 4 p.m. in most countries).DMK Hydration Products

The DMK Sun Block is unique in the fact that it is transdermal and has no greasy feel or smell of coconut oil. For women it can be worn over all of their other DMK products and makeup without feeling heavy. For men, the DMK transdermal sunblock disappears into the skin without any trace at all and does not run into the eyes and sting during sports activities.

It was the preferred sun block for skiers during the winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway in 1994 and is one of the top sellers in Australia, Singapore and South Africa due to its anti-hyperpigmentation power. Of all my formulas, including my first formula, Seba-E (Sebum in a bottle), I am proudest of the transdermal sunblock.


Maintain and protect go hand in hand. The physician or advanced therapist who performs DMK procedures will never sell a DMK product for home use. They will prescribe the proper home prescriptives according to the condition, not the type of skin the patient or client has. All DMK home prescriptives are modified versions of the professional treatments and must be used on a daily basis for progressive results. Any other product used in combination with DMK formulas, no matter how innocuous, will abort and negate effects of the treatment – wasting the practitioner’s time and the client’s money.

The Skin Conditions treated by DMK are:

  • Age Management
  • Sun Damaged Skin
  • Rosacea/Fragile Capillaries
  • Acne Skin
  • Scars
  • Saggy Skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Open Pores
  • Folliculitis/Ingrown Hairs

For each one of these skin conditions, the DMK Therapist can design a programme to suit each individual’s skin needs combined with a FULL DMK home prescriptives to maintain and prolong the results of the treatments. The home prescriptives are vital to use in order to succeed in treating the skin conditions.

Important notice & information

  • Danné Montague-King do not authorise the sale of DMK products online due to the high concentrations of active ingredients in some products that, if not used correctly, can cause a severe reaction to the skin.
  • The products displayed in our website are to show what products we stock in our clinic, in further detail and are not for online sale.
  • We are qualified DMK Therapists and authorised stockists of DMK     products.
  • Please call us on 020 7242 7745 for more information on the treatments and products or to book a full consultation.
  • DMK products are part of a professional skin revision system that includes professional clinical treatments.
  • For more information or to purchase DMK treatments and products, please come to see us for your initial consultation, you’ll be amazed by the results.
  • The DMK methodology, treatments and products have helped change the face of aesthetics and are currently changing the way physicians view skin revision the world over.


Before Treatment Photos After Treatment Photos
 Acne Skin Condition – Before  Acne Skin Condition – After
 Scars – Before & After  Wrinkles – Before & After
 Ageing Skin – Before & After  Acne Scarring – Before & After
 Will's Acne Condition before treatment- Nov 2012  Will's Acne Condition After 4 treatments- Nov 2012
 Acne Skin – Before any DMK Treatment  DMK Acne Treatment – after 4 treatments
Will's Acne Condition After 9 treatments- Nov 2012  Will's Acne Condition after treatment- Dec 2012
DMK Acne Treatment – after 9 treatments  DMK Acne Treatment – end of Acne programme


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