Transgender Electrolysis Price List
Treatment Duration Price
Consultation – Mandatory 30–40 min £30
Electrolysis Sessions 10 minutes £25
Electrolysis Sessions 20 minutes £35
Electrolysis Sessions 30 minutes £49
Electrolysis Sessions 40 minutes £69
Electrolysis Sessions 60 minutes £100
Courses of 6 or 10 Sessions can be arranged during the consultation.All Queries can be made to our specialised therapist at the time of bookings & consultation.

Electrolysis for Transgenders

Specialist in  Electrolysis for Transgender & LGBT Community in London

Marlene has taken part in the training of Electrolysis for the Transgendered in 2010 and she qualified to perform the electrolysis treatments for the transgender community from the well known STEREX Electrolysis International Ltd. For More information and to book a consultation with Marlene for the Electrolysis for the Transgendered, please don’t hesitate to:

  • call us on 020 7242 7745
  • or email us at to book your private and confidential consultation with Marlene Rose.
  • Check our FAQ’s for details on this treatment.

An Initial Consultation is mandatory for Electrolysis, and this allows the therapist to assess the skin and hair condition with the medical history to plan a tailored programme to suit each individual.

After Care products are also mandatory to care for the treated skin after treatment and must be purchased at the first treatment.

A topical anaesthetic cream can be used on treated areas with very high sensitivity at an additional cost to be discussed during the consultation time.

Courses must be paid in full at the first treatment. They are valid for 6 or 10 months respectively from the date of purchase.

Missed sessions, appointments cancelled without providing 24 hours notice & amended 2 or more times will be considered as used sessions.

Cancellation fee or No Show Fee of £15 will apply if no notice is provided. Refunds are not available in such circumstances.




Transgender Electrolysis in London, UK

Marlene Rose at the Sterex Electrolysis Training for the Transgendered – August 2010

Marlene Rose is a fully qualified Specialist Medical Aesthetician and Electrologist acquiring the most international sought after diplomas – CIDESCO, CIBTAC & ITEC.

With over thirty six years of experience in the beauty industry, Marlene Rose can offer expert advice on a range of skin conditions and suitable treatments.

Always striving to provide her clients with the best treatments and products on the market, Marlene Rose is committed to keeping up-to-date with the industry developments.

In 2008, Marlene qualified to administer Sterex Advanced Cosmetic Procedures for the effective removal of skin blemishes such as skin tags, spider veins, milia, blood spots, warts and more.

And in 2010, Marlene Rose attended the latest STEREX Electrolysis Course for the treatment of Transgendered and she is qualified and insured to do hair removal by Electrolysis for the Transgendered during the transition period in preparation for the Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS).

We are committed to work alongside the consultants and to follow their advice and achieve the best results for the patients.

At The Beauty Therapy Room we provide our clients with the most effective and hygienic hair removal treatments, taking special care to minimise discomfort.

This is why we offer Electrolysis to our clients as one of the hair removal methods in salon.

As a member of the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists, you can be assured that all electrolysis treatments are carried out under the strictest rules and regulations set up by the Guild. Optimum treatment and satisfaction for all clients is of the utmost importance and this policy is guaranteed.

Transgender and Transsexual clients are successfully treated and full hair growth removed.

Hirsutism and biological female clients suffering from hormonal imbalances and polycystic ovaries are also successfully treated.

After Care advice and products are supplied too.

A full range of other services and beauty treatments for transsexuals in the transition process are available such as waxing and eye treatments.

For more information on our treatments, please feel free to contact us on 020 7242 7745 or email us at

We insure that all the enquiries and consultations are held in the strictest confidence and privacy.

Do you have unwanted hair? For a permanent solution ask us about Electrolysis.

It works!

Unwanted hair is a common problem affecting most women and men to varying degrees throughout their lives.

  • Electrolysis is still the only proven permanent method of hair removal and many women and indeed many men, have benefited from this tried and trusted treatment.
  • Electrolysis is a safe, effective, progressive and permanent method of removing unwanted hair.
  • With the choice of three methods currently available galvanic, diathermy and now blend there is something to suit everyone. Treatment is tailor made to suit YOU.
  • We use Sterex Needles and Sterex Electrolysis Machines to perform the treatments. The Sterex Needles are packed individually and sealed in sterile packs.
  • We can work and coordinate with the Primary Care Trust as well as the Specialist Consultant who will perform the operation.
  • All consultations and treatments are done by Marlene Rose and in complete confidential environment and the utmost privacy for our clients.

Aftercare procedures and products

The Sterex range of aftercare products are specially formulated for their antiseptic, healing and soothing properties.

  • A good programme of hygienic home care will avoid any spots or minor infections occurring.
  • It is important for patients to remember to take extra care of the treated area, especially within the first 36/48 hours giving the skin a chance to settle and to allow it to return to normal.
  • All the necessary after care regime and information will be given during the consultation or at the first treatment of Electrolysis.
  • An Initial Consultation is mandatory for Electrolysis, and this allows the therapist to assess the skin and hair condition with the medical history to plan a tailored programme to suit each individual.
  • The Consultation fee is NOT refunded towards the cost of a treatment.
  • After Care products are also mandatory to care for the treated skin after treatment and must be purchased at the first treatment.
  • After Care products are NOT included in the treatments costs and must be paid for separately.
  • A topical anaesthetic cream can be used on treated areas with very high sensitivity at an additional cost to be discussed during the consultation time. Or it can be obtained by medical prescription from the Specialist Consultant or the Primary Care Trust.
  • Courses must be paid in full at the first treatment. They are valid for 6 or 10 months respectively from the date of purchase.
  • Missed sessions, appointments cancelled without providing 24 hours notice & amended 2 or more times will be considered as used sessions.
  • Cancellation fee or No Show Fee £15 will apply if no notice is provided.
  • Refunds are NOT available in such circumstances.

General Information on the transgendered community and the gender dysphoria

The History of Gender Dysphoria

Sir Harold Gilles was one of the pioneers of sex change surgery. In 1946 he performed surgery on the UK’s first male-female transsexual Roberta Cowell. For many years his home was at 71 Frognal, in the heart of London’s Hampstead village. A blue plaque on the front of that house now commemorates his life and work.

Pioneering sex reassignment surgery

In 1946, he and a colleague carried out one of the first sex reassignment surgery from female to male on a young aristocrat, Michael Dillon. Michael Dillon is also believed to be the first woman to have taken the male hormone testosterone in order to look like a man. Within months of starting testosterone, he had grown a beard and was living as a man. It was the dramatic transition in his appearance that finally persuaded Gilles to operate. Five years after the first sex reassignment surgery on Michael Dillon, Gilles and colleagues performed one of first modern sex reassignment surgery from male to female, using a flap technique on Roberta Cowell, which became the standard for 40 years.

Roberta Cowell

On May 15th, 1951 Robert Cowell became Roberta Cowell the United Kingdom’s first full surgically altered transsexual. Robert was examined by two gynaecologists, two GPs, a professor of anatomy and an endocrinologist. Their conclusion – they were amazed not that Robert was so feminine, but that such a female person could seem outwardly so masculine! They discovered an abnormal flow of female hormones in his body.

Robert had two options, the doctors suggested. To carry on unsatisfactorily as he was or to live the rest of his life as a woman if he cared to chose to do so. So Robert accepted that nature had originally intended him to be female. It explained his mental and physical contradictions, and allowed him to believe his depression had a physical reason; he was thus able to rationalise his situation to a greater degree.

Although none of the doctors had personal knowledge of gender change from male to female, they had often come across the female to male gender changes before, and had assisted such changes! They suggested that the use of female hormones, breast enhancement surgery, a face-lift and a genital operation could remove any sexual ambiguity. Robert would have to fund his own operations, as the necessary specialists were not in the then fledgling NHS. The hormones alone were extremely expensive. So Robert started out on his great adventure – to become Roberta.

Robert became Roberta legally on May 15th, 1951 at the age of 30 years. Despite the fact he was still living mostly as a male! This caused her quite a few day to day problems, but finally the surgeons agreed to complete the gender change operations later that year. It was the early 1950’s, when it was possible to take immediate legal steps to re-register birth gender. Affidavits were sworn, and a revised birth certificate was quickly issued.


Roberta Cowell’s story will have echoes for those who have any form of gender dysphoria, and especially for all transsexuals. Many will be envious of the ease with which her birth certificate change was allowed at the time, a state of comparative legal bliss which continued until the notorious Rowallen/Ashley case stopped such amendments.

TS Loss of Rights

UK law altered dramatically in 1970 as a result of the divorce case between the transsexual model, April Ashley and the late Lord Rowallen. Prior to this case, transsexual people were able to have their birth certificates corrected following surgery and had full legal rights. However, the only way that the judge could grant Lord Rowallen a divorce and to avoid handing over any inheritance to his ex-wife was to declare his wife to be legally still a man. Consequently, every other transsexual person lost their legal rights. The current legal situation is that the 2004 Gender Recognition Act gives the TG community full legal rights.

For more information on Gender Disphoria, its definitions, the symptoms, the causes, the diagnosis, the treatments and the results as well as the associations available to help and understand what the Transgendered or the person with Gender Dysphoria goes through and how you can help, please browse the NHS Page by clicking on the following link: Gender Dysphoria

Also you can read about it in our FAQ’s which will contain all the necessary information about this condition.

For more information on the Transgendered & Transsexual Communities, you can browse the following websites and learn more about them, and how you can help them too:

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