Eye Treatments Price List
Treatment Duration Price
Eye Lash Patch Test – mandatory for first timers 10 min Free
Eye Brow Shape or Tidy – with tweezers ONLY 10 min £13
Eye Brow Tint 10 min £10
Eye Lash Tint 20 min £20
Eye Brow Shape & Eye Brow Tint 20 min £20
Eye Lash & Eye Brow Tint 30 min £27
Eye Lash Tint & Eye Brow Shape 30 min £30
Eye Lash & Eye Brow Tint & Eye Brow Shape 30 min £35
For Contact Lens wearers, please bring your own lens kit, otherwise we can supply you with the solution and lens case.

Eye Treatments

Accurate and Sensitive Eyebrow Shaping

Our preferred method of eyebrow shaping at The Beauty Therapy Room is tweezing as this allows the therapist to perform a very accurate shaping with minimal discomfort and damage to the thin and sensitive skin around the eye.

Too much of harsh manipulation and waxing the area of the eye brow can lead to droopy eye lids in a long term result. Hence, we do not offer “eyebrow waxing” to our clients but only tweezing.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

For the Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint, we use vegetable dyes to minimise any skin reactions. However, it is required legally to have a Patch Test if you are a first timer for this type of treatments and also if you have not had any tints for the last 6 months. The Patch Test can be done 48 hours before any treatments to ensure our clients are not allergic to the products we use.

Important Notice to All our Clients

  • A Skin Patch Test is mandatory for any person who is first timer at The Beauty Therapy Room.
  • Also the Skin Patch Test is required if your last eyelash/brow tint treatment was performed more than 3 months ago as skin changes almost every day and sensitivity can react differently on every day as we live in a very polluted environment caused by several types of pollution.
  • Skin Test Patch is a vital requirement for the safety of our clients & for insurance’s purposes.
  • For clients who use & wear contact lenses, we advise to bring their own lens kit to place their lens securely during the treatments. If you forgotten to bring your own lens kit, then please mention it to the therapist and we can provide you with a kit to use.
  • For All our General Terms & Conditions regarding our treatments, please click here.

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