Waxing Treatments Price List
Treatment Duration Price
1/2 Lower Leg 10 min £26
1/2 Lower Leg + Bikini OR UA 20 min £37
1/2 Lower Leg + Bikini + UA 20 min £44
1/2 Lower Leg + Brazilian 20 min £46
1/2 Lower Leg + Brazilian + UA 20 min £64
1/2 Lower Leg + Hollywood 20 min £49
1/2 Lower Leg + Hollywood + UA 20 min £67
1/2 Upper Leg 10 min £29
1/2 Upper Leg + Bikini OR UA 20 min £40
1/2 Upper Leg + Bikini + UA 20 min £58
1/2 Upper Leg + Brazilian 20 min £49
1/2 Upper Leg + Brazilian + UA 20 min £65
1/2 Upper Leg + Hollywood 20 min £54
1/2 Upper Leg + Hollywood + UA 20 min £69
3/4 Leg 20 min £32
3/4 Leg + Bikini OR UA 20 min £43
3/4 Leg + Bikini + UA 20 min £61
3/4 Leg + Brazilian 20 min £52
3/4 Leg + Brazilian + UA 20 min £70
3/4 Leg + Hollywood 20 min £55
Full Leg 20 min £42
Full Leg + Bikini OR UA 20 min £53
Full Leg + Bikini + UA 30 min £71
Full Leg + Brazilian 30 min £62
Full Leg + Brazilian + UA 30 min £62
Full Leg + Hollywood 30 min £65
Full Leg + Hollywood + UA 30 min £83
1/2 Arm 10 min £26
Full Arm 20 min £30
Lip OR Chin 10 min £10
Bikini OR Under Arm 10 min £18
Brazilian Bikini 10 min £27
Hollywood Bikini 20 min £30

Other combinations of waxed areas can be quoted separately.


Waxing Treatments

Waxing Areas Images

At the Beauty Therapy Room, we perform the following wax treatments only:

  • Bikini  Wax (Basic) = Hair is removed from the area outside the line of your normal  underwear or swimwear, and nothing else.
  • G String or Extended Bikini
  • Brazilian  Bikini Wax = Hair is removed from the pubic area leaving a 2.5 cm or thin strip  across the pubic mound and the labia.
  • Hollywood Bikini Wax = All hair is removed from the pubic and anal areas. Some peoples like to leave just a  little strip with hairs on the top of the pubic mound which looks like the “Martini” bikini (image above)
  • Male Waxing =  more commonly known as the back, sac and crack, this involves hair being removed from the lower back, genital, scrotum, bottom and anal areas.
  • Back and/or Chest Waxing = Hair is removed from the Back and/or chest area where ever it is needed, as well as around the shoulder blades.

Please note that we do not perform any of the following types of Bikini Wax:

  • Playboy Wax: all hair is removed from the pubic, buttock and anal areas, leaving a pencil wide strip of hair up and over the pubic mound.
  • Bollywood Wax: the hair is removed from the pubic, buttock and anal areas, and is followed with a henna decoration.
  • Las Vegas Wax: this is the same as Brazilian or a Playboy but with diamonte decoration.
  • Californian Wax: this is the same as the Brazilian, but the remaining hair is coloured.
  • Postage Bikini: See image above.
  • Love Heart Bikini:  Hair is shaped over the pubic mound using a template, such as heart shape.


Waxing is one of the most popular hair-removal treatments available, great for treating areas large and small. At The Beauty Therapy Room we use the Australian Body care Hy-Wax System to ensure the health and safety of our clients whilst providing a quick and effective treatment.

The Hy-Wax System uses a crème warm wax that contains tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia), nature’s strongest antiseptic. As a warm (as opposed to hot) wax, it is suitable for sensitive areas such as bikini lines and underarms and good for sensitive skins too.

A new wax applicator head, individually wrapped and sterile, is attached to the wax tube for each client. The applicator facilitates a thin and even application of wax for quick and effective removal.

  1. No spatulas.
  2. No wax pots.
  3. No mess.
  4. No cross-contamination between clients.
  5. Just a quick and effective treatment.
  6. No wax smells.

NB: Different places call different treatments by different names.

Here some identifications of the multitude of a bikini waxing which most people confuse them or use the wrong terminology. It is a general description and we have listed the types we do and the types we don’t below.

Benefits of Regular Waxing Treatments

  • Hair growth becomes sparser
  • No next day stubble
  • Requires less maintenance than shaving
  • No cuts from blades
  • No razor rash
  • Discomfort lessens

Important Pre-treatment Care Advice

It is important to follow the Pre Care advice to ensure that the areas to be treated are in good condition and ready for the treatment, as well as to maintain your health and hygiene before and during the treatment too.

  • You should not apply any lotions, creams or oils to the area before treatment.
  • You should not use any home hair removal methods for one or two weeks prior to the wax treatment.
  • In order to avoid cross infection, you should make sure that you use wet wipes on the bikini areas every time before the start of the treatment and pat dry with the paper tissues. Usually there are a supply of wet wipes and paper tissue available for the clients in the treatments room. This should be done especially if the person suffers from perspiration and the areas to be waxed are wet.
  • If the hairs in the bikini areas are too long, then you are advised to cut the hairs  half its actual length the day before the treatment. If you are not sure of how to do this, you can always ask the therapist to do it for you. However it is best to perform this hair cutting yourself to avoid any embarrassment.

Important After Care Advice:

It is important to look after the waxed area particularly within the first 48 hours after treatment as this is the period when it will feel most sensitive and the area is at high risk of infection.

  • Do not use perfumed body lotions, creams, aerosol and roll-on deodorants containing alcohol as these will cause pain and irritation to the area.
  • We recommend the Australian Body care Deodorant which doesn’t contain aluminium or alcohol -perfect for use after waxing!
  • This and other wax-friendly Australian Body care products, such as Australian Body care Body Lotion, are available for purchase from us in salon.
  • Avoid friction from nylon material or wearing tight clothing such as tights or stockings and tights jeans as this increases the risk of infection and irritation.
  • Do not have any sun bed or tanning treatments, sunbathe, go swimming in chlorinated water or have very hot showers/baths, as well as any heat treatments such as sauna, jacuzzi, steam bath, for at least 48 hours as these activities may cause skin irritation.
  • The waxed areas will be sensitive to heat and chemicals such as chlorine.

Article written by Fiona Dillon, Journalist with “Latest in Beauty” Website on the Australian Body Care Waxing System

Recently Fiona Dillon, journalist from “Latest in Beauty” website has visited us to try out our HY-WAX System by Australian Body Care and Fiona had a waxing treatment compliment from The Beauty Therapy Room. If you want to know what she thought of the whole waxing treatment and products used, you can read her blog by clicking on the link below.
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